Сентябрь 2014. Запомнившиеся твиты

05 Oct 2014

John Arundel (@bitfield)
30.09.14, 14:04

Catastrophic server failure this morning with loss of all data. 
A good reminder that it's not 'if', it's 'when'.

Ricardo Signes (@rjbs)
29.09.14, 18:28

Jargon for the person who prevents work on X by continually saying, 
"Don't touch X, I plan to fix it myself" but then never does it?

Физтех.Радио (@FiztehRadio)
22.09.14, 1:49

Одиночество это когда для любого из близких тебе людей есть кто-то еще ближе, чем ты.

Ben Hughes (@benjammingh)
16.09.14, 23:28

JSON is fine for config files, if you don't want to comment your config file. 
Which is a way saying, it isn't fine for config files.

Cheshire Schrödinger (@Lazin)
15.09.14, 13:57

Пролетело лето,
Наступила осень,
Евро — 49,
Доллар — 38.
(стырено с лепры)

Computer Science (@CompSciFact)
14.09.14, 6:23

"Careful analysis showed that the project failed because developers didn't spend enough time polishing their .emacs files." -- no one ever.

John Arundel (@bitfield)
13.09.14, 21:59

"Is Docker ready for production?" As with all headlines in the form of a question, the answer is no. 

Ben Hamner (@benhamner)
12.09.14, 19:47

9 tools I find crucial for analytics:
1 iPython notebook
2 ggplot2
3 git
4 scikit-learn
5 dataframe
6 make
8 random forest
9 terminal

pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee)
12.09.14, 4:25

Every president in past quarter century has gone on prime time TV to announce bombing of Iraq 

Dan Wineman (@dwineman)
12.09.14, 0:35

Evolution of music sales:
1. Pay a lot
2. Pay a little
3. Pay anything
4. OK fine, just pay once a month
5. F**k you, now you own a U2 album

Paul Mutton (@paulmutton)
11.09.14, 13:06

Woah, now it looks like someone's leaked a list of one million 
Google Authenticator 2-factor verification passcodes! 

Independence (@YesVoteScots)
08.09.14, 20:13

Scotland : "I'm leaving you..."
Britain : "You can't!"
Scotland : "I'm leaving. It's over."
Britain : "... I'm pregnant!!"

Новости: референдум в Шотландии, беременность герцогини Кембриджской.

Craig Grannell (@CraigGrannell)
05.09.14, 13:46

As Apple’s 9/9 event draws near, we must never forget #freejonyive 

Colin Montgomerie (@ColinHugh)
05.09.14, 13:43

Every #Perl line ends in a semicolon, but every #Python line ends in a semicolon and a backspace

HuNtY (@HunterBridges)
04.09.14, 0:07

I didn't write that bug, Stack Overflow did!

Ricardo Signes (@rjbs)
04.09.14, 22:05

Video game sites don't need "flag comment as offensive" buttons. 
They need "flag comment as constructive."

Ricardo Signes (@rjbs)
03.09.14, 21:56

With configuration management systems, 
you can finally stop dealing with one-off errors, 
and distribute your errors quickly to all systems.

Omar Kooheji (@ohmz)
01.09.14, 15:27

FizzBuzz is no longer a valid way to test devs, 
because since @codinghorror blogged about it 
it looks like unis have started teaching it.

Ricardo Signes (@rjbs)
01.09.14, 5:37

I didn't go to parties in high school, 
but when I see movies about parties in high school, 
I think the writers didn't go to them either.

Charles Clymer (@cmclymer)
01.09.14, 2:18

Gotta love all the dudes ranting about invasion of privacy by the NSA 
while sharing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence without her consent.

Новость: The Great 2014 Celebrity Nude Photos Leak is only the beginning.